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Let's talk for a moment about Jonathan Gruber, the guy who was (supposedly) smart enough to craft the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), in terms so difficult to read that it guaranteed that the geniuses in his own party would never, EVER, understand a word of it, no matter how many of them they looked up in the dictionary, but is in fact, so STUPID, that he couldn't resist tooting his own, off-key, horn about purposely bamboozling as many of the American people as he possibly could ...

First, the obvious ... if you or I concocted a scheme that intentionally (or unintentionally, probably) mislead thousands upon thousands of people, where do you think we'd be? If you said, "IN JAIL", then you get the gold star for today. But, like every rotten apple that's doing its best to spoil the entire barrel since Barack Obama got elected president of the United States (and there haven't been THIS many rotten apples in positions of influence and power since tricky Dicky was President), this one not only walks around, free as can be, but is confident enough that his cronies will keep him that way that he openly boasts about being a cheat and a liar.

Second, what's become increasingly obvious ... it's not just "the American voter" who exudes "stupidity" ... because no one in Jonathan Gruber's party bothered to find someone/anyone who could read the Obamacare bill and therefore had no one to instruct that they should actually read and understand it. As a result, it is only now becoming obvious to the people who used to be Democrats but are now being lead by the nose by a bunch of Socialists that the models that Jonathan Gruber used in formulating the many twists and turns of Obamacare were flawed. The result? Even the lie is a lie.

The really sad thing (yes, even more sad than the fact that we watched the Democrats/Socialists openly BUYING EBOLACARE votes on national television and none of the people involved in those transactions went to jail) is that any half-wit with an 8th grade education could have told the Democrats/Socialists (had they been listening) that the piece of garbage with which they intended to replace the best health care system in the world, would never work. Why? Because, if you break your foot, it's never usually either a good idea, nor is it necessary, to cut off ones entire leg in order for the patient to get well again.  If nothing else, the fact that the insurance companies weren't objecting to it should have told them everything they needed to know.

The first step in attempting to improve our health care system should have been to simply open things up across state lines ... in other words, let people buy their health insurance from anywhere and everywhere in the U.S. Then, IF that didn't work, move onto the next step ... which, I assure you, still would not have been Obamacare. If push ever came to shove, it would have been far less expensive for the government to simply give the few thousand people who wanted it, but couldn't get it, a basic health insurance policy. That would have allowed the people who were uninsured by choice to remain that way and it would also have allowed the people in the rest of the country (the millions and millions and MILLIONS of them) to KEEP THE INSURANCE THAT THEY HAD ALREADY CHOSEN FOR THEIR FAMILIES AND THEMSELVES.

Instead, an entire nation got bilked by the people in office, from the President on down. And make no mistake about it ... the President (forevermore known as "Slick Barry") was "all in" on this scam from day-one. I don't know how many more scandals, how many more "mis-speaks", how many more times getting caught with their hands in other people's cookie jars it's going to take before someone finally has the courage to tell the truth about the fact that these people simply have no moral compass -- that there's nothing so downright heinous that cannot be justified by the simple fact that they (the Democrats/Socialists) want to do it.

However, apparently, even with the supposed architect of a health care program so pox ridden that it should be called EBOLACARE, admitting all over the country that he was the leading participant in a nation-wide scam, the Democrats/Socialists STILL won't admit that they made a mess of things -- so we just have to go back to hunkering down and waiting for the rest of the crooks to get yanked out of office like the weeds they are. Then, perhaps we can get a half-way decent President voted into office so that, like Prohibition, we can get EBOLACARE repealed.