Lois' Daily Planet

The Pretender

which aired on Saturday, November 22, 1997


The Pretender was created by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

The series stars:
Michael T. Weiss as Jarod
Andrea Parker as Miss Parker
Patrick Bauchau as Sydney
Jon Gries as Broots
with Jamie Denton as Mr. Lyle

The Pretender also stars (although not necessarily in every episode):   Amir Aboulela (Gar), Sam Ayres (Sam the Sweeper),  Paul Dillon (Angelo),  Willie Gault (Willie the Sweeper),  Richard Marcus (Mr. Raines), Ryan Merriman (Young Jarod),  Jonathan Osser (Younger Jarod), Ashley Peldon (Young Miss Parker) Harve Presnell (Mr. Parker), and Alex Wexo (Young Sydney). 

This is EPISODE #26
  Written By: Tyler Bensinger
 Directed By: Jim Charleston

The Pretend:   Fashion Photographer

Remembering how oppressed he felt at The Centre, having his every move watched and photographed, Jarod Adams poses as a fashion photographer at the Faxon Modeling Agency in Miami, Florida, in order to aid model Cindy Thomas in finding out who it is that is stalking her.

Kimberly Green, a super model from the same Agency, was also stalked by the person who is stalking Cindy now.  Kimberly's career ended tragically, when she died in a car accident, but it is not certain whether it was really an accident or if the stalker killed her.  Jarod discovers that Kimberly is, in fact, alive and well - but in hiding.  The car accident was staged in order to keep her safe from the stalker that was ruining her life.

Jarod discovers that his photo shoot of Cindy has been secretly photographed by Toby, an introverted, stammering, photo enhancer from the agency.  He rules Toby out as the stalker and uses him to discreetly photograph anyone else who is watching Cindy's shoot.  Kimberly is able to recognize the eyes of man who terrorized her, revealing that the stalker is Brian Stoffel, a junior agent at the Faxon Agency.

In order to get Brian to confess to what he's been doing, Jarod becomes the stalker and begins leaving photos for Brian to find - writing the same things on the photos and using the same tactics that Brian used to stalk and terrorize both Kimberly and Cindy.  

Eventually, Jarod traps Brian in a studio at the agency.  Impairing Brian's vision with the use of a strobe light, Jarod makes Brian feel the kind of fear that he instilled in Kimberly and Cindy, then threatens him with a vial of acid - apparently, the same kind that Brian used when he attempted to spray it on Kimberly's face.  When the terrified man admits to being the stalker, Kimberly and Cindy are both there to hear it.  Stoffel is sent to jail, allowing Kimberly to come out of hiding and Cindy to continue with her modeling career.

Jarod talks Toby into showing his portfolio to the head of the agency, Darren Faxon, and the young man is given the assignment of shooting Cindy's next layout.

Jarod leaves a View Master for Miss Parker at Happy Faces Photo Phun, which was his last pretend, in Manhattan.  The pictures on the reel that Jarod sends Miss Parker to use in the View Master send her to Rock Cove, Maine.  There Miss Parker finds Catherine Parker's music box, which Jarod left for her at an antique store.  After a meeting with Ben Miller, and obtaining both of the dancing figurines that the music box needs to operate, Miss Parker realizes that it's possible that she is Ben's daughter.  As Miss Parker is attempting to digest this disturbing information, Mr. Parker returns from his mysterious absence with no explanation of where he has been. 

Guest Stars: Cyia Batten (???), Travis Fine (Brian Stoffel), Patrick Fischler (Ryan), Jim Haynie (Ben Miller), Elizabeth Lackey (Cindy Thomas), Samantha Smith (???),  Simon Templeman (Darren Faxon), Thomas Crawford (Maitre'd), Rick Hoffman (Photographer), Al Eksandra Kantak (Office Worker), Susan Savage (Zoe), Jean Sincere (Gladys) and Milt Tarver (Dr. Harper)


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