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The Pretender

which aired on Saturday, Februay 7, 1998


The Pretender was created by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

The series stars:
Michael T. Weiss as Jarod
Andrea Parker as Miss Parker
Patrick Bauchau as Sydney
Jon Gries as Broots
with Jamie Denton as Mr. Lyle

The Pretender also stars (although not necessarily in every episode):   Sam Ayres (Sam the Sweeper),  Paul Dillon (Angelo),  Willie Gault (Willie the Sweeper), Pamela Gidley (Brigitte), Richard Marcus (Mr. Raines), Ryan Merriman (Young Jarod), Kim Meyers (Jarod's Mother), Jonathan Osser (Younger Jarod), Ashley Peldon (Young Miss Parker) Harve Presnell (Mr. Parker), and Alex Wexo (Young Sydney). 

This is EPISODE #33
Written By: Tyler Bensinger
Directed By:  Rodney Charters

The Pretend:  Male Escort

While working for an escort service in Detroit, Michigan, Jarod Gere takes an assignment  as a "special consultant" to Cynthia Sloan, a socialite and real estate development tycoon.  She believes that he's there to save her the inconvenience of men "hitting on her" when she's at social gatherings.  In reality, Jarod put himself in the position to get the assignment in order to uncover the truth about the death of an 8 year old boy who supposedly "fell" from the rooftop fire-escape of the Jefferson Heights apartment building.   

The only way to have enough room to develop the new "Sloan Towers" for the downtown area was to have the Jefferson Heights apartment building condemned.  Sloan's manager, Frank Linden, used sulfuric chloride to weaken the bricks around the fire escape that led down from the roof, in order to cause an accident so terrible that the city would have no choice but to condemn the building. 

Jarod lures Frank to the roof of Jefferson Heights by sending him a note from Cynthia, written on a chocolate heart, inviting him to celebrate his promotion with her.  After Linden climbs onto the fire escape, where the table is set for a romantic dinner, he opens what he thinks is a bottle of champagne and pours it into the glasses on the table.  The bottle contains sulfuric chloride and the glasses are plastic.  They quickly melt, the acid weakens the bricks to which the fire escape is attached, and Frank Linden finds himself hanging on to the ledge by his fingertips, to keep from suffering the same fate as the 8 year old boy.  To convince Jarod to grab his hand and save him, Linden confesses.  

Frank gets arrested and Cynthia Sloan decides to renovate the building, rather than tear it down, keeping hundreds of people from being evicted.

Jarod Heart writes a book entitled The Saddest Little Valentine and leaves it for Miss Parker to find in an adult book store.  A scantily clad Miss Parker is on the cover, and the book is a thinly disguised tale of the lonely life she's led since her mother died. 

Jarod patches up the 25 year marriage of Joyce and Howard - sending them to Paris for a second honeymoon and discovers Valentine's Day, chocolates and hearts.  He sends Miss Parker a Valentine's gift - an invitation to be his Valentine.

Guest Stars:  Leland Crooke (???), Stephanie Faracy (Joyce Gillman), Brad Greenquist (Frank), Eva Halina (Isabella), Juanita Jennings (Alice Evans), Ralph P. Martin (???), John Maynard (Howard Gillman), Tricia Nickell (Reporter) Christina Pickles (Jarod's Employer), Kyla Pratt (???) and Salli Richardson (Cynthia Sloan)

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