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The Pretender

which aired on Saturday, May 9, 1998


The Pretender was created by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle

The series stars:
Michael T. Weiss as Jarod
Andrea Parker as Miss Parker
Patrick Bauchau as Sydney
Jon Gries as Broots
Jamie Denton  asMr. Lyle
Harve Presnell  asMr. Parker
Richard Marcus as Mr. Raines
Paul Dillon  as Angelo

The Pretender also stars (although not necessarily in every episode):

     Ryan Merriman (Young Jarod), Alex Wexo (Young Sydney), 
Ashley Peldon (Young Miss Parker),  Jonathan Osser (Younger Jarod)
 Sam Ayres (Sam the Sweeper), Willie Gault (Willie the Sweeper)
Pamela Gidley (Brigitte), Kelsey Mulroony (Debbie Broots)
 Zachary Brown (Young Kyle),  Jake Lloyd (Young Angelo/Timmy),
 Kim Myers (Jarod's mother, Margaret)
Jeffrey Donovan (Jarod's brother, Kyle), Marisa Parker (Jarod's sister, Emily)

This is EPISODE #42
Written By: Harry Dunn
Directed By:  Michael Lange

Jarod uses a letter written by Catherine Parker to her daughter, just days before she died, to entice Miss Parker to the Dover Town Bank.  He gives her two more of her mother's letters when she arrives - then points out to her that Mr. Fenigor, the man who may hold the answers that both Jarod and Miss Parker want, is at a window across the lobby.

Before either of them can approach Fenigor, two brothers, Clavell and Jude Dane, stage a bank robbery.  Frank Isaac, the assistant manager, pushes the alarm button and the bank security guard ends up getting shot and killed by Clavell.  Police cars soon surround the bank and the Dane brothers move everyone in the bank behind the assistant manager's desk.

Miss Parker wonders how she could have not been aware that Fenigor was still alive and Jarod taunts her, saying that her father obviously keeps secrets from her.  Jarod tells Miss Parker that he got Catherine Parker's letters out of her father's strong box at home and that he left him a little "gift" in their place.

Clavell takes Jarod out in front of the bank and tells the policemen that he wants a helicopter to take him and his brother out of there.  He wants it within an hour, or he'll start shooting the hostages.  Watching a news cast because he knows Miss Parker is in the bank, both Mr. Parker and Mr. Raines learn that Jarod is there, too.

Inside, the assistant bank manager doesn't have the combination to the vault.  To prevent bloodshed, Jarod opens the vault cage for the Duke brothers.  He also tells Clavell about an easy escape route - through a vent that leads down to the sewer.  When Jarod is returned to the rest of the hostages, he chooses a seat next to Mr. Fenigor.  Jarod he pleads with Fenigor to honor Catherine Parker's memory by helping him. Looking down, unable to meet Jarod's eyes, Fenigor tells Jarod that he doesn't know what he's asking him to do.  Jarod tells Fenigor that he is the only one who can help him by telling him who his parents are.  Sobbing, Fenigor says that he can't - then stands up and begins running away.  Clavell shoots him in the back.

Fenigor's lung has been punctured.  Jarod manages to stabilize him.  Hearing a TV newscast that says the police may be getting ready to mount an assault, Clavell orders everyone into the vault.   While being held in the vault, the bank teller tells Jarod and Miss Parker that Fenigor's trust account is funded by a company in Blue Cove.

As Clavell and Jude work on the vent that leads to the sewer, Miss Parker reads another of her mother's letters.  She tells Jarod that her father paid her a visit earlier in the morning, talking about how Jarod taints Catherine Parker's memory with lies.  Jarod says, "And you believed him" - almost seeming resigned to the fact that no matter how many times Miss Parker realizes that her father lies to her, she still won't face the truth about him. 

Mr. Fenigor regains consciousness briefly and tells Jarod how very sorry he is for having taken him from his parents.  Once again, Jarod asks him for his parents' names, but Fenigor only gives him a key to a safe deposit box.  The hostages are locked in the safe depository for the boxes -   Jarod opens Fenigor's safe deposit box and finds accounting balance sheets and an old envelope with "Jarod" handwritten on it.   Jarod tells Miss Parker that the hush money Fenigor has been receiving for the past 28 years has been coming from her father's account.  Jarod asks Fenigor what secrets are in the envelope.  Fenigor responds that it is where Jarod came from - "Prodigy."  Fenigor then tells Jarod that if Jarod gets him out, he'll tell both of them everything. 

Jude takes a chocolate Easter egg from Jarod, which Jarod has rigged with the exploding dye pack.  The dye explodes.  Jude is momentarily incapacitated.  Jarod then quickly disarms Clavell.  The hostages escape and Jarod locks Jude and Clavell in the vault.  Paramedics arrive and take Fenigor out on a gurney.  Miss Parker is screaming at Fenigor to tell her why her father is paying him.  Fenigor tells Miss Parker that the answer is in "the Red Files -Prodigy -- the Red Files."  Suddenly Fenigor is shot by a Centre sweeper, masquerading as SWAT sniper, but Fenigor is not killed.  Jarod takes advantage of the commotion and escapes. 

Mr. Parker brings Miss Parker flowers, but clearly, his visit is to find out what Jarod and Fenigor may have told her while in the bank.  Miss Parker lies to him, saying that Jarod said nothing and that she didn't know who Mr. Fenigor was - that he was just "some old man."

Later, Jarod calls Miss Parker and asks her "what will become of us when we have our answers?" 

Guest Stars:   Keene Curtis (Mr. Fenigor), Jeff Kober (Clavell Dane), Courtney Peldon (Kaley Isaac), Paul Perri (Frank Isaac) and Joel Stoffer (Jude Dane)

NOTE: Courtney Peldon, who plays Kaley Isaac in this episode, is the older sister of the girl who plays the "young Miss Parker" in all of the (black & white) sims that Jarod uses to recall his days at the Centre. 

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